Gingerly Lizzy

attack of killer emotions
2002-05-15 - 9:00 a.m.

ooohhh, my head feels like it is being attacked with a jackhammer.

So who wants to hear about last nights drama? You do? Okay here goes...

B* (we will call her babe) is a really good friend of mine. She dated a really good friend of Dave's, we will call him L*. He pretty much dated and dropped her. A couple times. Broke her heart. So she finally moved on and met *J. She and J* are engaged to be married. In TWO weeks. Last night, Dave and I went to dinner with *L and he told me that he still has feelings for Babe and would like to tell her so, and NOT to get married. Welllll, the last time I talked to her, she had cold feet, and I know that she still has feelings for L*. So I said what any good friend would say- NO WAY. J* makes her happy, doesn't make her cry, treats her well, and has a much better head on his shoulders right now...

But L* was over when Babe called later and, ummmm, I made the mistake of handing over the phone. BIG MISTAKE. They talked forever. He went OUTSIDE to talk. He professed his undying affections (at least undying until she actually did come crawling back and then they would die, fast and hard, the way they always did...) When I got the phone back, she assured me that she was unwavering in her decision to marry J* and that L* had lost his chance a long time ago.

SO, then why did Babe tell L* that she would call him later? And not to tell me?

So I felt really, really stupid for having given the phone to L* at all last night. And now if anything happens, I am going to feel really responsible.

Even Dave said it was a dumb move. Sometimes I do things like that, that just don't make sense. I guess sometimes I have too much trust in people to do the right thing... or at least for the wrong people.

So Dave and I argued about it for a bit last night, even though I knew I had been in the wrong, but he didn't have to be so harsh...

And arguing about that led to arguing about other things, which led to me feeling like crap and crying my eyes out. And waking up with a headache today and looking like someone punched me in both eyes.

Dave was sweet when he realized how upset I was... he always is...

I just chock it up to PMS. Damn Auntie Flo.

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