Gingerly Lizzy

Viva Las Vegas!
2002-05-24 - 8:45 a.m.

Las Vegas here we come! I couldn't be more excited right now.

I decided that on the car ride up, I am going to give Dave a taste of MY music... so I packed the following CD's...

Massive Attack



Jack Johnson

Lamb and much, much more.

We will see what happens. I might just drive him crazy enough to run off the road.

I am, however, genuinely worried about traffic. We are going to be getting there late as is, and I am the most impatient person when it comes to being stuck in a car.

I got a CUTE haircut yesterday! My hair is maybe like five inches past my shoulders, and I have long layers so it is kind of all flippy... I like it alot.

I also attempted to highlight my hair. No cap for me... I have watched my hairdressers many times, with the foil and the folding... so I figured, hey, I can do that. I only got a bout twelve strands done at the top of my head. My hands were shaking so badly because I was so nervous so I quit after twelve. It actually turned out pretty good! Not as drastic as I would have liked. I know now that I could foil someone else's hair perfectly, but I don't know if I will attempt to do my own again. There was just way to much stress involved. I kept having flashbacks of highschool when Tina highlighted my hair and I LITERALLY looked like a cheetah. I cried all night, refused to go to school in the morning and ended up having to have it dyed it a really, really icky dark brown color... that had a slightly greenish tinge. What a mess that was.

Lets say I never let Tina come close to my head again. What was I ever thinking in the first place? I mean, she had pink hair once trying to go lighter...

Not that there is anything wrong with pink hair.

I don't want pink-haired people leaving nasty notes in my guestbook.

Viva la pink!

Okay, enough already. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL, FUN FILLED, SUN FILLED BUT S A F E weekend.!

Yes, do do do dooooo! Safety girl! Ang and Lanee would get that...

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