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Bronx Pizza in... Provo?
2002-06-11 - 8:52 a.m.

It is Tuesday which means two more days of work and I am free for a nice long weekend. Does this mean that today is hump day?

I should be getting the CD's that I ordered from Amazon in the mail any day now... Dirty Vegas and Felicity soundstrack (Senior Year). Yeah, well if I can't watch it, at least I can listen to it.

Also have an order coming from the Gap... cute white collared shirt. Crispy!

So I took Katie around to different restaurants to look for a serving job. She has a second interview with Olive Garden on Saturday. That would be really good money because that place is ALWAYS crammed. She has an interview with Black Angus today, everyone wish her luck!

Kate, Dave and I went for pizza last night at the new place on the corner called Bronx Pizza. It was decorated "a la Godfather" and much to my surprise and delight, had REAL New York Style pizza! Thin crust, best of toppings, easily folded in half and readily consumed much to the horror of my hips. We ordered a four cheese pizza and cheese fries and ate them at a table with a red and white checkered table cloth while being confronted with a poster of a young Frank Sinatra having his mug shots taken on the account of committing a crime of "seduction". The cashier was this little south american man who was the best waiter I have ever encountered. He kept our pizza warm in the oven and brought it out to us every time one of us took a last bite. He even placed the plates on our table with grace if you can believe it. I was enchanted.

The pizza had a lot of feta cheese on it which both Katie and Dave didn't like but I loved.

After we ate we headed down to the dollar movies hoping to catch an earlier show of "Life or something like it" with no such luck. We jammed to some great beats on the way home, Dave changing the song every time I started dancing in the passengers side and Katie cracking up over it all.

We rented the Mothman prophecies but not before I got harrassed by Dave and Katie. A guy I used to date works in Blockbuster and is now married and lets just say seems to have lost any fashion sense he once had, as well as gained quite a lot of weight and now looks like a 40 year old man. I know that is so harsh and sounds terrible but really, I am just comparing him to the way he used to be. He was wearing shorts with an elastic waistband that were hiked up, practically to his nipples. Katie and Dave had a hey-day with that.

Mothman prophecies was pretty scary, but not as scary as Daves friends made it out to be. I didn't even have one nightmare pertaining to the movie and instead dreamed that I had cancer, was undergoing chemo and my hair was starting to fall out. I had to go to school (I was back in highschool) and knew that I wouldn't be able to hide it from my friends any longer so I told them and we were all crying. I told them I was going to shave my head and Michelled said that she was going to too but everyone else was like NO WAY. I just remember I cried throughout that entire dream. Then I was woken up by Daves freezing cold hands being wrapped around my belly.

He says I wimper when he tries to snuggle with me in the middle of the night, but he does it anyway.

Since there is absolutely no work to be done at the office today, I am sure my day will consist of doing layouts, answering emails, trying to stop myself from eating the half of a kit kat bar that is sitting in my purse (at which I will fail miserably), and playing text twist on yahoo games which I suck at but am addicted to nonetheless.

And then it will be off to my photography class which I didn't do my homework for and don't want to go to due to its boring nature.

And then home... to kiss my cutest Dave and play with my darling Katie.

And then tomorrow the Red Wings play for the Stanley Cup and needless to say, there will be a party at my house.

Life is good, the summer sun is sweet, my hair is getting lighter (I dyed it again dark blonde last night). Dave says he met me with blonde hair and so I think that means in Guy-speak, that is his favorite color on me. My sister told me that straight up. I just wish the kit come with something to transform me to the girl on the box.



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