Gingerly Lizzy

Fall is on it's way
2002-09-10 - 10:16 a.m.

ARG! Daves dad told him last night that we should ask our landlord if we can stay in the apartment until...get this... the END of OCTOBER! RAWRRRR!

I can't believe it. He says that it should be done by at least the middle of October and there is no way that I want to live with his parents for two weeks or more. I mean, I love them and all but that is just TOO much time spent with the inlaws.


I caught up on some of my photo album and scrapbooking stuff last night. I can't believe how many picture of Dave and I there are.... like hundreds and hundreds. Most of them are engagment pics that we didn't use... I will have to scan some of them one of these days, there are some pretty funny ones!


It is going to be a loooong day today. I can feel it in my bones. At least Dave doesn't have to work on the apartment today or tomorrow, that means I get him all to myself for two whole nights... well at least one, he has a major test to study for tonight. Biology is kicking his tush.


I am so excited. Why you ask? Well for one really stupid reason. I am hungry. And I went grocery shopping last night which means that there is a huge bag of tortilla chips on the counter and a jar of cheese dip in the fridge just waiting to be heated up into mounds of gooey nacho goodness.


Fall is in the air. The leaves on the mountains are changing colors and I get more excited to be outside. Fall is my favorite season... there is something so crisp and lovely about it... and Thanksgiving, then Christmas, which I will get to spend at home in CANADA! Couldn't get any better. In a way, I am even looking forward to the snow... mmmm. Sorry about the random thoughts, I am not feeling very collected, lets just put it that way!

OH, and to the girl that sent me that nice email in regards to the CD's... I am sorry! I erased your message by accident (while erasing another from a short little mole that this time decided to actually use her real name while sending me an email) PLEASE EMAIL ME AGAIN OR LEAVE A NOTE IN MY GUESTBOOK! That is sooo sweet!

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