Gingerly Lizzy

2003-04-09 - 4:50 p.m.

Where did the time go?

So this afternoon, at work, I was ready to scream of boredome, feeling tired and sore (yup, the massage didn't do too much for the back although it felt DARN good), and having what can only be described as hot flashes (and nope, sticking my face a foot above the air conditioning vent did nothing for this, but I did manage to freeze all the clients in the office). I asked the bossman if I could go into the little office downstairs and rest my head on the desk for a little while until it passed.

So I get down there, put my head on the desk and POW! Out like a light. I wake up, look at the clock and think "hey! I can get away with a few minutes more" and POW! Gone again.

I finally wake up with a super stiff neck and make my way upstairs (with a big huge red mark on my forehead I might add) and look at the clock, it says 4:30... uhhhhh, huh? I swear the clock downstairs said...

Dang it! Daylight savings time! We hadn't changed the clock downstairs.

It wasn't too big of a deal and the bossman didn't care, I was still on phone watch while sleeping. Luckily it only rang once and was for me the whole time I was down there.

BUT HOW SWEET IS THAT! That my friends, is my perfect work afternoon. And now it is time to go home.

I am gonna go watch my hot hubby sweat it out on the basketball court with his bro and enjoy the sun.

Tee hee!

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