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Lemonade Fiasco
2003-04-14 - 8:41 a.m.

It seemed like a nice long weekend to me. Until I have to come back to work that is!

Friday night Dave and I went to see How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. Very funny movie, worth the money.

Saturday I drove up to S.L. for our baby shower! There was only Ang, Lan, Stac, and Emm there but it was SO much fun to see them all again and reminisce, eat and have fun. Not to mention I got some adorable baby clothes for the tiny guy. Ang even made a beautiful flannel baby blanket with matching burp cloths in the most adorable green flannel with little hippos, elephants, and rhinos on it. SO CUTE!

Lan had her little girl there, she is still so tiny and adorable! She slept most of the time and I got to hold her for a good long while. I was in HEAVEN. Man, I got it bad! Good thing though, because I am sure I will need it during all those sleepless nights!

Saturday night was an adventure. Dave and I went with some of our friends to the Olive Garden. While there, one of Daves friends said "How is the baby?" and at the same time went to cop a tummy feel, not noticing my HUGE glass of rasberry lemonade that the waiter had JUST filled to the top.

Over it went. RIGHT. INTO. MY. LAP!!!

And don't you worry, I didn't get any on my tummy or on the table or anything, nooooo, the entire thing went straight INTO my lap. I was sitting in a puddle of rasberry lemonade. It was a loud spill, a full restaurant and all eyes were on me. Well, what could I do but throw my head back and laugh at the top of my lungs, then tell the waiter that he had really bad timing and couldn't he just have filled it up five minutes later?

And of course our food hadn't come yet, so I sat in the lemonade for the rest of the dinner. Think wet jeans but worse. NOT comfortable. The food was good but the lemonade seriously destroyed a nice dinner.

Oh well, Dave's friend and I joked that at least we have a memory together now.

Tonight, Dave and I have our 1st prenatal class. I am really excited for it. I think it will be fun to have a forced 2 hours of baby talk with Dave! HAHAHAHAH *evil laughter*

The plan is to go to IHOP afterwards to try their stuffed french toast. I love french toast, I love cream cheese so the combination of the two should be nice.

Now if only I can get through this 8 hour work day.

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