Gingerly Lizzy

What have I gotten myself into!
2003-04-14 - 3:18 p.m.

Well, I did it. I booked my flight home this summer for baby and I. From Aug 7th to the 20th. That is a nice LONG time. Hopefully Dave will be able to make it our for at least a few days during those two weeks. Hopefully the baby is healthy to fly at this time. Hopefully SARS isn't so out of hand that we can't fly anywhere without being at risk (I know that seems like a long shot but hey, you never know).

All these hopefully's because this is a non-refundable ticket (whatever happened to refundable tickets?) and if I need to change it, I am gonna be out an extra $100!

There was no way I could wait until after the baby was born though... I would have ended up paying twice as much as I just did.

I think I am more nervous about flying with an infant than I am about giving birth.

What if he gets sick from all those in-flight germs?

What if his little eardrums hurt him during takeoff and landing?

What if he cries a lot and all the other passengers want to kill me?

What if the person I am stuck beside is terribly offended by a breastfeeding woman? (TOO BAD BUSTER!)

What if he gets diarreah and it leaks through his diaper all over me? (Note: bring extra change of clothes on carry-on just in case!)

What if, what if, what if!

Phew... needing some reassurance from anyone who travelled with a month old infant.

At least there is hope that maybe his cry won't be so loud and obnoxious at that point... Lan's baby is almost four weeks old and she still has that newborn cry. *crossing fingers*

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