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2003-04-21 - 9:08 a.m.

This morning was not good because:

It is Monday.

I dropped my REALLY big water bottle on my foot and now it is definitely bruising...

My car wouldn't even turn over... I think it is the battery? (Pray that it is the battery!)

I couldn't stay asleep and woke up like four times before my alarm went off.

It looks like it's gonna rain.

My crib set didn't sell on ebay.

Today IS a good day because:

Tonight is our prenatal class.

I got to spend some quality morning time with the hubby while he drove me to work.

I have some books to color for the boss' wife (she is a 1st grade teacher).

Maternity ward is on TLC tonight.

I FINALLY found a pair of decent maternity, capri jeans and I am wearing them today.

This weekend was prettty good. Friday, due to the spastic back problem, all Dave and I did was make a quick trip to the grocery store and stopped for some Panda Express which we both regretted eating afterwards. We also watched Lilo & Stitch which was cute and headed to bed early for some reading and snuggles.

Saturday, I cleaned the house. Who knew that mopping the floor would bring on Braxton Hicks contractions! That is the weirdest thing. No pain was felt but it felt like my belly had turned to granite and was squeezing the life out of itself. That afternoon, I picked up Katie and we went to the mall so I could watch her shop and buy really cute clothes that I have no hope of fitting into for another few months. I remember those lovely days of shopping, when I was single, and had money to spend like that!

I got Dave a couple shirts from Banana R. for Easter - don't scold me, they were on sale. And also went to Motherhood in hopes of finding cute capris/dress. Didn't find the dress. Had some fun laughing at myself with Katie when most of them wouldn't fit over the belly (maybe there really ARE twins in there!). I told her not to laugh TOO hard because the RN who teaches our prenatal class said that the person you can look to for pregnancy similarities is your SISTER, not your mother... because you both have the same mix of genes.

She and tropic boy are still dating, and she was on cloud nine in love on Saturday so I guess that is good news.

After I got back, I finished my cleaning and dyed some easter eggs to decorate our Easter table with. I also made up Daves basket and found a good hiding place for it.

Easter morning, I made french toast and we had fresh fruit. I made David search for his shirts and I think he ate about a lb of candy before we headed off to church. He made me a darling basket with a good book and lots of reeses peices (my favorite!). Church was really great and so was dinner afterwards with Daves parents. Then I took a LOOOOOOOONG nap, which left me feeling super groggy and unable to wake up.

I think I jinxed myself too. Last night after dinner, we were talking to Dave's sister and parents about cars, and how if his sister sold her car, perhaps we would buy it, how I wanted/needed a new car and it was just a matter of time before mine goes kaputz. And this morning? Look at what happened!

Anyone want to tell me if my baby getting hiccups three times a day is normal? Seriously, every day, at LEAST three times, he has a bout of them. I know hiccups is normal, but this often?

I am also sick and tired of people saying "how are you doing?" I mean, I shouldn't hate it, they are just trying to be friendly/concerned but COMMON, how do MOST women feel in their seventh month of pregnancy? Do you want a lie? - "great! Nine more weeks to go and it is going by so fast!"


do you want the truth? - "My back and tailbone are killing me, I am super tired all the time because I can't seem to sleep long enough without waking up due to hip pains, back pains, leg cramps, or having to roll over, so I think it has been awhile since I actually had some good old REM. Not to mention I am sick and tired of feeling like my bladder is going to explode every 15 minutes only to have a teaspoon come out and STILL feel like my bladder is going to explode. Then there is the whole getting fat, getting up, getting any, and how painting my toenails feels like it requires a contortionist and a miracle. And ONLY nine weeks? You might as well tell me that this baby won't be coming out for another year. That about sums up how GREAT I feel."

But no one ever wants that answer now do they?


Update on my little guys progress - Your baby's arms, legs, and body continue to fill out and they are finally proportional in size to his head. He weighs about 3 1/4 pounds and looks more like a newborn. You can expect your baby to gain at least two more pounds before delivery.

Pay attention to your baby's kicks and rolls now. Your perception of your baby's movements is an important tool in assessing your baby's well-being. Ideally, you should feel at least ten movements in two hours. If you notice a significant decrease in the frequency of the movements you've come to expect from your baby, you should tell your midwife or doctor immediately.

Your baby's organs are continuing to mature, and he is passing water from his bladder, good practice for the urinating he'll do after he's born. Soon you can wonder what your baby is wishing for brain scans have shown fetuses have periods of dream sleep around month eight.

You've probably gained three to four pounds this month. Gaining a pound a week is quite normal during the last trimester your baby has a final growth spurt before birth.

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