Gingerly Lizzy

Baking and Maternity Jeans
2002-12-16 - 9:13 a.m.

It was a weekend of baking, and cleaning up messes, and baking and cleaning up, and baking... you get the point.

So we did: caramels, butterscotch krispies, shortbread, chocolate chip chocolat cookies, white chocolate with Candy cane crumbles and the orange cheesecake dreams.

By the end of the day Saturday, I was all baked out. And I still had about a million and one caramels to wrap.

But it is DONE! I hoped to have more, but I don't so I made do with what I have.

And I am not giving out the cheesecake dreams because they aren't all that good.

On Saturday morning, I went and got my hair cut and acrylic nails and so I think the nails REALLY slowed down the whole baking process and I am also finding it a pain to be typing right now. Good thing work is slow and I don't have to do any resumes but boy... do they ever look nice!

Remember THIS entry? Well I still feel that way about the nails... we will see how long the novelty lasts.

Dave and I went up to Salt Lake and had dinner with McKinley and her new beau Darren. Very nice guy, very cute and they are both in such similar circumstances because they were both divorced this past year.

It was so good to see her! Everytime I do it feels as though we have hardly spent any time apart at all. The food was good, I beat her in air hockey and I saw some other old friends that I haven't seen in awhile. Good times.

FIVE MORE DAYS until I am flying the friendly skies home. Both Dave and I CANNOT WAIT. That gives me five days to get my foot long list of to do things done. Not gooooood.

And someone tell my bladder to do its job and hold more than an ounce. Or tell my uterus not to squish it so much.

And by the way... guess who wore maternity jeans for the first time this weekened? Moi? Oui! And they were falling off the whole night. It feels better when your pants fall off rather than when they feel as if they are cutting you IN HALF.

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